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We aspire to be the premier organization in Howard County, Maryland and the surrounding communities for developing youth to compete at the highest level in basketball, football, wrestling and cheer.

Founded in 2003 as a nonprofit corporation, the Ravens have promoted the exclusive purpose of teaching the youth of our community the sport of football. Programs in basketball and cheer were later added to address growing demands and interest within the community. Wrestling is being added currently. A partnership with the Y of Central Maryland was formed to help grow our organization as both the Y and the Ravens strive to support the family and the community. The goals and objectives of the organization include:

*Fostering an environment that encourges youth to strive for excellence both on and off the field of play.
*Providing equal and affordable access to sport programs for all youth.
*Providing a safe, well-structured setting for youth to learn the fundamentals of football, basketball, wrestling and cheer while promoting the general well-being of all players.
*Providing equal and affordable access to sport programs for all youth.
*Providing opportunities for players and their families to give back to their communities and make a positive difference in the lives of others.
*The organization is treated as a public charity and is tax-exempt under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Columbia Ravens Alumni


Player's Name School Class
Isaiah Allen Oakland Mills HS 2010
Austin Tennessee Atholton HS 2011
Jordan Wells Atholton HS 2011
Luke Schurman Oakland Mills HS 2011
Alvin Harris Wilde Lake HS 2011
Danny Bezold Atholton HS 2010
Josh Martin Atholton HS 2012
Ben Goldsmith Centennial HS 2012
Chris Peterson Centennial HS 2012
Ethan Adams Centennial HS 2012
Evan Fritsche Century HS 2012
John Bryant Century HS 2012
Mitch Sleight Century HS 2012
Gary Franks Chapelgate Academy 2012
Jordan Lawrence Chapelgate Academy 2012
Tommy Rolewicz Chapelgate Academy 2012
Ryan Ripken Gilman School 2012
Amon Jones Glenelg Country School 2012
Brock Wendt Howard HS 2012
Colin Dyer Howard HS 2012
Dan Kaplan Howard HS 2012
Justin Butler Howard HS 2012
Adrian Evans Long Reach HS 2012
Elijah Harris Long Reach HS 2012
Dan Vigus Loyola HS 2012
Jeff Jenkins Loyola HS 2012
David Menker Marriott's Ridge HS 2012
Lucas McCoy Marriott's Ridge HS 2012
Peter Bradley Marriott's Ridge HS 2012
Allen Jackson McDonogh HS 2012
Cedric Blossom Montrose Christian HS 2012
Justin Glaze Mt. Hebron HS 2012
Storm Wallpher Mt. Hebron HS 2012
Cameron Bailey Pallotti HS 2012
Aaron Wells River Hill HS 2012
Jackson Feroe River Hill HS 2012
PJ Kinkaid River Hill HS 2012
Brian Bieman Severn School 2012
Alex Breno South Carroll HS 2012
Ethan McBryde South Carroll HS 2012
Dominic Bernetti Atholton HS 2013
Joe Eads Centennial HS 2013
Zach Olmstead Centennial HS 2013
George Mirano Glenelg HS 2013
Nicholas Striebich Howard HS 2013
Mitch Cross Loyola HS 2013
Connor Delaney Marriott's Ridge HS 2013
Ryan Miller Marriott's Ridge HS 2013
Avery Varnardo McDonogh HS 2013
Danny Sweeney McDonogh HS 2013
Gray Farqueson McDonogh HS 2013
Keita McDonogh HS 2013
Brian Shade Mt. Hebron HS 2013
Phillip Breno South Carroll HS 2013
Thomas Burke Mount Hebron 2013
Chris Anderson Loyola HS 2014
Michael Bernetti Atholton HS 2014
Nekhi Bradley Howard HS 2014
RJ Bryant Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Chase Conley Centennial HS 2014
Sean Curley Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Colton Dunn Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Khari Jackson Wilde Lake HS 2014
Aaron McDonald Reservoir HS 2014
John Travisano Howard HS 2014
Matt Von Neida Howard HS 2014
Zachary Andreas Mount Hebron 2014
Zack Haussler Glenelg HS 2014
Corey Martin Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Jordan McNeil Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Kyle Doran Mount Saint Joseph 2014
Brady Acker Atholton HS 2014
Christian Brosnan Atholton HS 2014
Nate Racks Howard HS 2014
Ryan Binkley Howard HS 2013
Shane Flynn Howard HS 2013
Ryan Mills Howard HS 2013
Ethan Shapiro Atholton HS 2013
Louis Florenzo Atholton HS 2013


Player's Name School Class
Victoria Pino Centennial HS/Dickinson College 2010
Caitlin Bach North Carroll HS/Lebanon Valley College 2010
Kelsie Hitesman Hammond HS/Messiah College 2010
Symmone Newsome Saint Paul's School for Girls/Virginia Weslyn College 2010
Leah Cranmer Severn School/St. Mary's College of Maryland 2010
Kelsie Sloan Perry Hall HS/York College 2010
Bridget Snyder Atholton HS 2011
Jessica Downing Centennial HS 2011
Kenitra Alston Centennial HS 2011
Megan Paugh Centennial HS 2011
Sara Miller Centennial HS 2011
Besi Shesi Maryvale Prep 2011
Bea Donnelly Friends School 2011
Caitlin Ciniero Howard HS 2011
Corrine Grob Howard HS 2011
Alex Price Marriotts Ridge HS 2011
Candice Hendricks McDonogh HS/Gannon University 2011
Taryn Durant McDonogh HS/Monmouth University 2011
Chizzie Ekedigwe Pallotti HS/Seton Hall University 2011
Alyson Curley Mount DeSales Academy 2011
Erica Makar Atholton HS 2012
Sarah Lord Centennial HS 2012
Mary Kittleman Glenelg HS 2012
Alauna Jackson Howard HS 2012
Brittany Butler Howard HS 2012
Lexi Briscoe Long Reach HS 2012
Jodi Schneider Mount DeSales Academy 2012
Knowlej Randall-Thomas Mt. Hebron HS 2012
Tahlia Tavai Mt. Hebron HS 2012
Sydney Tommins Notre Dame Prep 2012
Jasmine Hill Oakland Mills HS 2012
Adrienne Flowers Pallotti HS 2012
Brittany Davis Pallotti HS 2012
Tiffany Padgett Pallotti HS 2012
Megan Fowler Reservoir HS 2012
Jordan Labbe St. Johns College HS 2012
Mila Clark St. Johns College HS 2012
Alex Puller Archibishop Spalding HS 2013
Ari Foote Franklin HS 2013
Darcey Rayner Howard HS 2013
Tiffani Blackwood Howard HS 2013
Miranda Cozart Kenwood HS 2013
Micky Bowen Mt. Hebron HS 2013
Rowan Drake Mt. Hebron HS 2013
Vicky Rowe River Hill HS 2013
Anna Woepke Severn School 2013
Mary Kate Montgomery Severn School 2013
Alexandra Philipp South Carroll HS 2013
Brittany Anderson Centennial HS 2014
Evana Pino Centennial HS 2014
Nicolette Jennings Glenelg HS 2014
Katie Cheuvront Hammond High School 2014
Anne Kinsey Howard HS 2014
Imani Sanders Long Reach HS 2014
Jenna Bergquist Marriotts Ridge HS 2014
Jenna Kerr Marriotts Ridge HS 2014
Amanda Miller Mount DeSales Academy 2014
Eve Lukowski Mount DeSales Academy 2014
Lillian Robb Mount DeSales Academy 2014
Denise Whye Park School 2014
Blair Bonner Reservoir HS 2014
Samantha Mocniak St. Mary's High School 2014
Alicia Hseih Centennial HS 2014
Kali Taylor Marriotts Ridge HS 2014
Jade Walls Howard High 2014
Sara Rochester Mt. Hebron HS 2014
Sara Downing Centennial HS 2014
Margaret Lane Notre Dame Prep 2014
Janina Soriano Mt. Hebron HS 2014
Erika Faass Hammond HS 2014

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